Edwina Reinspired - wool clutch

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"Truth is that the HEART is the epicenter of creation.”

LOVE the EARTH through sustainable creating and kind consuming! Each creation is handmade and designed based on already existing materials.

These unique finds have been recovered, refurbished, and re-inpsired and handcrafted with great love by yours truly for your enjoyment and for conserving the beautification of our Great Gaia. The process of resourceful made artistry reveals the fun creative Magic that occurs when we preserve the authenticity and potential of past made into refined art and out of our waste land! Specializing in one-of-a-kind and limited edition quantities, every piece is a unique rarity naturally cultivating a little bit of history and spirit while uniting an authentic desire to lessen our imprint on land, sea, and sky.

By using limited recycled materials, you can be sure to have your own personalized treasure.
​May this repurposed craftsmanship encourage you to contribute socially to eco-conscious living and style!