I named my brand Ivy after my mother - it represents choosing on purpose to be your authentic self.
Her story is an archetype. My grandmother changed her name to Iris before she was even a year old because others had already started calling her Poison Ivy. With good intentions my grandmother did what she thought would help my mom conform. 
IVY is all the qualities my mother still has inside, but now has to choose on purpose to be each day because she didn’t actually grow up as ‘Ivy.’ To me, Ivy represents that original, authentic self that we all start with. The one that inevitably gets tarnished with other people’s ‘shoulds’ over time. I think we all have an inner Ivy. We all must unlearn things, beliefs, myths and the stories we tell ourselves. This is everyone. The conscious effort we make to live an authentic life. To actually be who we are.

What you choose to wear projects what you believe that you are, not what other people think you should be. You pick what you put out there, representative of what’s inside, including the details like jewelry. Little details can make the biggest statements. These are statement pieces.

I intend my craft to serve that purpose - to encourage and allow people to express their authentic selves. Be proud, bold + true. I make pieces that speak to your inner IVY. I want them to speak to the person you are without any conventions. Something you love, and you don’t care whether anyone else loves it. 

Just that small choice you make in deciding to wear something, to adorn yourself, for nobody but yourself, is a daily practice in making that same bold choice in all areas of your life. In the big decisions that matter most about your life - the right relationships, right work, job compensation - self worth and self acceptance informs others as to how they should treat you. This is about knowing the convention is there and willfully stepping outside that boundary line. I want to instill confidence, boldness and unique self expression. 

To hold space is not to actually - do - anything. It’s just existing and letting be what is. The only way to actually do the act of holding space is to show up authentically to that same space an example, a leader. That gives others permission to do the same. Holding space is creating that safety in vulnerability by actively being vulnerable yourself. So, as the Artist of IVY, creating these wearable works of art, I invite you into this space. I open myself up to creativity and hope to intrigue you. Share with me, what is your inner IVY?





These are one of a kind pieces of torch fired enamel, combined with geometric brass elements and finished with gold filled ear wires, made by the artist Chelsey Greene in her home studio in San Francisco, California.



Enameling is the process by which glass is fused to the surface of copper. In this case with an open flame, handheld blowtorch. One special technique - sgraffito - is a form of decoration, pattern, design and texture made by scratching through the top enamel to reveal an underlying layer of contrasting color.


With a bachelor's degree in Textile Design from Colorado College, maker + designer Chelsey Greene was always known for dabbling in many mediums even beyond fibers. A friend once asked rhetorically "what do you not know how to do?" This provoked Chelsey to find a craft technique to challenge herself with. Because meeting every challenge head on is her signature move, enameling is now the craft foundation of her brand, but to make her work even more distinctive and rich Chelsey looks forward to integrating other familiar jewelry and fiber techniques back into the process. Starting in Summer 2021 collections will include micro macrame and beading.