Bath + Body Oil

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Apply generously from head to toe after bathing or whenever skin needs a moisture boost.
Natural ingredients that are safer for your skin, for farmers and for the planet.
Recyclable and tree-free packaging for guilt-free self-care.
No weird stuff, ever.

Calming lavender soothes after frazzled days and also happens to make skin happy.

Floral, sweet rose geranium, and grounding earthy patchouli oils are an intoxicating pair...this combo converts some of the most fervent patchouli haters.

Refreshing pink grapefruit and sultry, yet herbal, cardamom are a tantalizing combo. Smells like the best damn cocktail you’ve ever had!

Bright citrusy bergamot + spicy fresh ginger invigorate your skin and your senses.

Crafted in small batches using high-quality organic ingredients for a long-lasting bar of soap that gently cleanses, keeping skin hydrated + nourished. Revitalizing manufacturing in the USA and supporting local community by creating these delectable goodies in the Etta + Billie California studio. Owner Alana donates a portion of sales to organizations she believes make the world a better place - because we're all in this together.

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