Mask Spray
Mask Spray
Mask Spray
Mask Spray
Mask Spray

Mask Spray

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Breath + Stress Relief. Spritz your mask & breathe deeply. Made with Organic Essential Oils & distilled water.  2oz

Fresh Air: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage

Sunshine: Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange


These favorite & familiar plant scents provide:

Anxiety Relief

Respiratory & Lung Support

Antibacterial action for your mask



White Sage Wellness is a full apothecary line of organic & sustainably sourced essential oil blends, herbal crafts and sacred tools. Inspired by the seasons, cycles, and elements of nature, Tracy Chocholousek, maker of White Sage Wellness, specializes in Aromatherapy & Nature-based Healing Practices to support Mindfulness, Wellness + Creativity. Her products inspire the senses & set the tone for creating sacred space. Created in the spirit of honoring ~ Nature as Healer ~ and for use as holistic ritual tools for body, mind and soul. Made with 100% natural ingredients - no synthetics, no additives, no preservatives. All oils & materials selected are cruelty free, organic or mindfully wild-harvested.